Snake Oil Salesmen

Where? When? Why?

I am sorry folks but this has to be said. Just who in the world do you think you are?

I believe that many (most? – but not all….) of the Ex- Recruiter-Turned-Job-Coach crowd are simply making stuff up. There. I said it! Let me get to the root of my disgust on this.

Where? did you ever get the idea that a 1 hour consultation with someone looking for a new position would turn them into a dazzling marketeer? I am seeing more and more of you “experts” playing “make believe” with people who are desperate. It’s shameful.

When? did you decide it would be easier to prey upon the helpless job seeker than tough it out in the recruiting trenches?

Why? in the WORLD do you encourage candidates to stalk managers – excuse me – “research” managers to then stumble through a half-assed phone call in an attempt to present their “value proposition” to that person. If recruiters have a rough time getting them on the phone – just how in the hell do you think Joe, the recently downsized CPA, is going to score? Even if he does – he will IMMEDIATELY be referred to HR as well as being put in the “does not follow the rules” category.

My suggestion? How about focusing on the candidates you can help – get to know them and make sure they come up in your ATS when something comes along – and letting the others know you can’t help them? Would that be such a crime? What is worse – letting a candidate know you can’t help? Or charging them for advice that in most cases is impossible to use?