I haven’t always been a trend setter. I’ll be the first to admit it. Thought Leadership was not part of my career plan.

I trained hopeful young staffers. I managed senior recruiters. I helped build a multi-million dollar organization. But I was always just a contributor, just a part of the team.

And when I built my own search firm (with satisfied clients throughout the country) I was too busy making money to be a visionary.

But then something happened. I got the call. A light bulb went off and thought leadership was thrust upon me. Suddenly, I saw all of us recruiters scrambling to make sure we had access to the very SAME candidate pool as our competitors — while doing NOTHING to set ourselves apart from everyone else.

We weren’t trying to improve our service. Recruiters brag about being early adopters of new technology but the only technology they were really interested in was slapping a resume on an email. Same old thing since the early ’90s.

But there was a way forward. And it was called Verbal Summary.

When my clients get a resume, they click a Play button at the top the profile and listen to my candidates describe – in their own words – how their backgrounds fit the jobs my clients are recruiting for.

So here I am, a pioneer of an idea so unique that I can’t come up with the right keywords to help people find me.

Candidate Presentation Software? Do you think anyone’s punching that into Google? No, they’re not! But if you want to see what I’m talking about – just call me or send me a note or take a look here, at Verbal Summary.


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