Having the right forms can save you time, money and headache.

I am not aware of any place on the net for Recruiters to share the various paperwork we all use. – so here it is! (FOR FREE!!!!)

There are many times when one of us needs a form and we just can’t seem to find one – Recruiting Agreements, Fee Statements, Reference Checks, Temp to Perm Agreements, Non Disclosure Agreements, Job Orders, Candidate Interviews- just to name a few. (You get the idea!)

I am asking each one of us to do the group a favor. Please
Send me a copy of any of the forms you would like to share. These documents will be available to anyone that needs them.

These forms and agreements should be considered only as a template to shape into something that works for you. Use at your own risk!

Would you please help our community? Thank you!!!!! Call me if you have any questions – 260-347-1715

Please note: These are my working documents. You will want to put these on your letterhead. Use at your own risk.

Recruiting Forms Library – Click Here


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