“It’s kinda like a race – but without cars and stuff.”

This is how my soon-to-be 9 year old son summed up what my day looks like today. I was grabbing my first cup of coffee (trying the Hawaiian Kona from Sam’s Club – first bag – it’s kind of mild…..) and he asked me what was happening.

He’s seen me in action enough to understand what I do. (He’s either going to follow in my footsteps or be an astronaut.)

When he asked “Why are you in a hurry” it was a great chance for me to bring our real lives in as an example which I just love to do!

“Son – remember a while back when we went to put new tires on the truck?”

“Yep. That was cool.”

“It sure was. But remember how the guy had to check to make sure they had the tires I wanted ‘in stock’ before he could ring up the sale? And as soon as he typed into his computer – the computer let him know there were 4 available?

“I think so.”

“Well – guess what? That company called me yesterday. They use a particular software on their computers to keep track of all that stuff. It’s called JD Edwards.” I could see he was getting the picture. He knows what software is – and that the people I work with are experts at it. I went on to further explain “They have some stuff they need someone to come in and work on. It will help their computers work better – and it’s really important. They aren’t going to hire someone – they just want to ‘borrow’ somebody for a few months. If I can locate a contractor with that very specific background – then the very place we bought tires from will then be a customer of ours. Isn’t that cool?”

I could tell he was soaking it all in.

I wrapped up my short explanation of why I was in a hurry. “The thing is though – since this will be the first time I’ve worked with this tire company – there are a few other recruiters like me who are also hurrying this morning too. We’re all trying to be the first one to present a qualified candidate to them.”

“Oh. I get it. It’s kinda like a race – but without cars and stuff!”

Yep. It sure is.


4 thoughts on “Are you in a race today?

  1. Nice. Your son sounds smart.. and it sounds like you have a great relationship with him.

    I wonder what kind of race would best describe recruiting. Is it Indy? Nascar? Baha? European road race? Sprint cars? Drags? Or an other?

    Anyway.. just saw your post and thought I’d drop a hello and a comment. See you around, Jer.

    – Jim

  2. Very cool way to explain to your son what you do! My family still doesn’t understand what I do and I’ve been doing it for 35 years! Now I get it…..it’s not them, it’s my description.

    This post strikes home because I’m in a race right now too – “without cars and stuff”. I got a job order yesterday with a new client. It’s a really good, high level critical position and a fun challenge to fill. There are other recruiters racing on the same track and I WANT TO WIN THIS ONE!!! I was at my desk racing late into the evening yesterday and raced back early this morning.

    Thanks for an enjoyable read Jerry and for giving me a way to explain what I do to my family – LOL!

  3. Interesting question – what kind of race best describes recruiting? It would have to be Dakar – the one where they’re racing through all sorts of terrain for days and days. They have to fix anything that goes wrong on the way – by themselves – no pit crew or outside help.

    It’s one of the most interesting races in the world. That pretty well describes recruiting!

  4. Great post Jerry! I’ve always loved the way kids minds work. Hopefully the tires you bought were the OEM specified tires that assure optimal ride and performance for your vehicle. One way to always make sure you’re buying OEM specified replacement parts or tires is to have a good relationship at your dealership service lane :<)…couldn't resist!

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