6 thoughts on “If you need me…….

  1. I always thought these groups were for the most part for people who need daily support. Real people are too busy to be posting daily to people they have never met, probably have different interests, and certainly are not their real buddies they could go to if they needed to borrow a grand or two. Just people whose lives have gone off track in some way, looking to the internety to fill some social need. How sad.

  2. Jerry, You always seem to say exactly what I want to better than I can. It’s getting a bit much out here with SM. It always just comes back to finding people jobs at good companies. If we aren’t doing that, then no amount of SM posturing will help.

  3. Hi there, my first time here. I thought your graph and the following comments were interesting. But here’s my question to you…how would you find ME?

    The irony – I found you through social media. Yet you are discounting the very tools that helped me find you under the assumption that our relationship most likely would not result in some immediate tangible benefit to you (i.e., immediate job placement?), therefore, it is not worth your time.

    An illustration. The phone is an awesome tool when I can communicate with friends far away, not so awesome when I get cold calls from marketers during my dinner.

    The same with beepers. I had friends who were still using their pagers when everyone else was on cell phones. Who has pagers today?

    Maybe the anti-social media stance is working for you. But you should check it out, lest you get caught being the only one left with a pager and no one else to page!

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