I just got an email. Perhaps the same one that landed in your inbox from an established recruiting trainer. Seems he is one of the hundreds of staffing trainers trying to cash in with Twitter. There’s nothing new there.

Wouldn’t you figure, since the class is “intermediate Twitter” stuff – that they would include a link to the trainer’s Twitter profile. Since this person is going to demonstrate

* How to set up and manage your account
* All about Tweets and Hashtags
* How to source candidates on Twitter
* Marketing on Twitter

Some interesting topics. The kind of stuff I’m sure many in the recruiting world are trying to get a handle on. I would venture to say there are more than just a couple of us who are finding out it’s time to make something happen with all this. Can I get a witness?

So I went on over to the trainer’s web site – figuring I would surely see a quick link to his Twitter profile on his page. Certainly anyone training on how to use it would make it easy to find them there, right? Well – uh, not exactly. No link found. Anywhere…….

So I then went to Twitter and did a search for this person. I found him. Right off the bat I thought it was interesting they’ve only tweeted twice this year. Hmmm……oh well. Maybe they’re more of the “listener” type I suspect. Alot of those really good trainers are the lurker types – just soaking it all in so they can pass along what they’ve learned to the class.

So a quick check to see who they’re following might give me a clue, eh? Well – within the first 2 pages of follows I found @SexyAnika , @HotPictures and @Sexy_Butt_ It was then I decided I needed to look no further………..

Is this for real? What kind of bizarre world has this become?

2 thoughts on “Trainer? Uh, yeah…..right….!

  1. Wow, I guess this “guy” shouldn’t approach recruiters that actually know how to use this stuff already…, Like you wouldn’t do th research to see if it’s a worthwhile training.

    Are we training j.r recruiters, new to the biz or exec recruiters that refuse to get involved with social media because it’s a fad and no one’s using it?

    Trainer / Influencer… same thing? things that make you go hmmmm.

  2. Nice rant. Couldn’t agree more myself. Not sure who you are referring to, but it’s frustrating when a recruiter who has no more experience than the next guy is consistently pushing their trainings etc. as they are an expert.

    Look, I know my stuff and I’m not afraid to say it. I know what I can do, and what I’ve accomplished but to call myself an expert just won’t happen. It’s the same argument that’ll continue for a long time to come.
    I’m always curious to ask those that sell everything. Are you a recruiter or a trainer….

    Me…, I’m just a geek that loves hunting (recruiting) and talking about technology.

    As always…well stated Jerry.

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