I have been given a gift. Well – not given, necessarily. It was earned. Those are the best anyway, aren’t they?

We’ve been recruiting for a junior level IT role with a client for the past 3 weeks or so. Not much in the way of qualifications – college degree, some sort of “paid” IT experience combined with a nice personality and enthusiastic attitude. Salaries at this level aren’t really that high as we all know but I’m not one that takes searches based only on what the fee might be in the end.

We had an interesting discussion going over on RecruitingBlogs just yesterday about fees in fact. I’m a stickler for having a minimum percentage. There is a line I have never and (hopefully) will never cross. But that’s a different discussion – feel free to jump in over there.

The client called earlier this week. “Is there a fee if we just want to hire Zach for a summer internship?” Hmmm…..I’ve never placed an intern. Should I not charge anything and hope my goodwill will be remembered down the road? What about putting it together as a temp assignment with a reasonable markup? I wasn’t quite sure which way to go.

Then it hit me. My fee is based on the annual income of the person I place. In the past this amount has always been a year-long salaried role – not a 12 week internship. Why should I come up with some other way to charge for my service?

My fee is $1152 and it might quite possibly be the most rewarding placement I’ve made in quite a while. It has reminded me to take every opportunity in this crazy world to appreciate the way I provide for my family. In fact I’ve earmarked this as my beer budget for the rest of 2010. Each time I crack open a coldie I will celebrate My Littlest Placement!

So this gift is more of a reminder of sorts. I’ve been reminded that ALL placements are to be loved. Each and every placement is as unique as a snowflake: Big ones, tough ones, easy ones, “surprise” placements, the placements that seemingly need to be “remade” several times along the way. Every. Single. One!

Enjoy your work friends. Be thankful for each opportunity no matter how big or small they may be!


5 thoughts on “The Littlest Placement

  1. Love your attitude and respect for those who are just starting out in their professional career. It showed great grace and your caring about the progression of this young intern’s career opportunities.

  2. Not to mention, it is also about the people we place. You may have forever changed the life of this intern by setting his future in motion.
    What do they say about small packages???

  3. Nice attitude about it Jerry. The upsides here are free coldies for the 2010, and a guy who may come back to you every time he needs a job in the next X # of years. Nice story.

  4. As soon as I got done wiping the mist from my eyes after reading your post, I was reminded of Chris Farley and David Spade in Tommy Boy. I was transported to the hotel room scene where Farley puts on Spade’s blue blazer, does a small dance move, all the while singing, “Fat Guy in a little coat.”

    Given your “phat” billings over the years from your rural Albright compound, I found it heartwarming and clearly think Jack Canfield may come calling for this marketplace nugget when he writes his 450th Chicken Soup book – Chicken Soup for People with Neighbors That Have Chickens.

    This weekend I celebrate your placement, my good friend – I will crack open a coldie, put on a 38 Long blue blazer I bought at my local Goodwill store this afternoon, sway back and forth, and softly sing – “Phat Recruiter with a little fee, Phat Recruiter with a little fee.”

  5. As alway, you get it. This business is more about doing what’s right than anything else. You know that karma thing, you’ll due one…..Keep doing what your doing, you inspire so many of us

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