Recruiters – Interested in more sendouts?????

……from the same number of candidate introductions?


Numbers are important.

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll agree – I’m all about having a complete understanding of exactly where my desk is at all times. Should I be expecting a placement this week? Am I looking at a long road before my next one? Well – rather than hope, guess and speculate, my desk is telling me every day what I can expect. I let my numbers speak to me.

SO this is what leads me to something rather exciting. For years I’ve known “MY” numbers. It takes me 1.75 Introductions (Submittals/Referrals) to make 1 Sendout. It takes roughly 4 Sendouts to make a Placement. Even if I’ve had 15 in a row without anything close to an offer – my desk is telling me the Placements are right around the corner. My next group of Sendouts will surely provide the results my desk owes me! It’s just that simple. So without getting too deep let’s just say that my faith in keeping track of all activity is what helps me take the emotional ups and downs out of this crazy business we have all chosen!

I have been using Verbal Summary as my primary means of introducing candidates to my clients for quite a while now. Simply put – when my hiring manager gets a resume from me – there is a play button on the top of it. With just one click (no downloads, passwords or funky equipment required on their end) they begin listening – yes that’s right – LISTENING to my candidate describe their background and qualifications in detail. While the audio clips last just a minute or two it is enough to bring an entirely new perspective to the candidate. My client is experiencing the PERSON – not just another resume.

I have long known this tool is a radical switch in what our clients are accustomed to. I hear them tell me how they love it. Daily. But how about some numbers? Where is the data behind my feeling great about using it? Here it is:

I have taken the number of candidates I need to introduce in order to get a Send-Out from 1.75 down to 1.25
So for you number crunchers – and we all should be number crunchers – take a look at this:

Prior to implementing Verbal Summary – 1.75 Intro to Sendout

After implementing Verbal Summary – 1.25 Intro to Sendout

So how does that fit into my bigger picture? Let’s use a nice round number. Let’s look at 100 introductions and my current Sendout to Placement Ratio of 4:1.

W/O Verbal Summary – 57 Sendouts which would in turn generate 14.25 Placements

Using Verbal Summary – 80 Sendouts which would in turn generate 20 Placements

So the specific ROI from using Verbal Summary is an additional 5.75 Placements from each 100 Introductions.

Why does this work? This isn’t about getting clients to interview the wrong candidates. Never has been. Never will be. My suspicions are that it might be a combination of several factors: The client taking an interest in my candidate before resumes from my competitors; the fact that in knowing my client will now HEAR me doing my job I have raised my personal bar; or some kind of subliminal “positive first impression” thing. Since I, as a salesman, am deciding and being a part of what they hear first I get to choose for them to hear something positive and on-target. There may be just as many other factors to the change in my numbers that right now escape me. Either way – I just don’t know. All I can do is look at the results. They’re real…………..and they’re SPECTACULAR!

Could your desk use this kind of turbo boost? If you think it could – give me a call!
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