Who is Jerry?

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I’ve been recruiting for nearly 30 years.  During that time I’ve placed hundreds of IT and Engineering professionals throughout the country.  With a majority of my work in the Midwest I provide both contract and direct staffing solutions.

Since 1997 I’ve been what can best be described as a “free range staffing artist”.  What exactly is that?  Well – it is a rare combination of both account management, recruiting, sourcing, wining/dining/financing, teaching, playing, learning and loving the various avenues and doors that open to us in the staffing world.  Simply put – I’m an independent recruiter with experience in a wide range of Making Things Happen!

I am also the founder of Verbal Summary.  Your clients would love a play button on top of the resumes you send.  Who wouldn’t?  Verbal Summary is the most advanced (only?) tool which allows you to very easily let your client hear your candidate talk about their background for the job.  Just by clicking the play button.  If your work involves presenting candidates to hiring managers you should take a look!

There you have it. If you are interested in taking a fresh look at your methodology and approach to staffing I can help.  Or – if you are interested in meeting a results-oriented splits partner we should talk.

If you find yourself in a position to need specific help/clarification or other input on these on the recruiting business I am happy to help.

Due to the overwhelming traffic on this page, and very frequent phone calls, I can no longer do so without a cost, unfortunately.  I simply can not take that much time away from my business.

If you really do need help, please know I am happy to do so.  My nearly 30 years experience in recruiting spans both direct and contract, recruiting agency management, activity tracking, situational assessment/evaluation…..the list is extensive.  I am a daily hands-on practitioner of the methods I teach.

My hourly rate is $275/hr for the first hour and $175/hr for any subsequent time needed.

To get started, please PayPal a payment to me for at least the first hour.  My address is jerry@profsearchgroup.com.

Once you’ve done that – I’m all yours!  Call me at 260-347-1715.


5 thoughts on “Who is Jerry?

  1. This man is the “REAL” McCoy when it comes to passion about anything in recruiting; let alone life itself. I trust, respect and love him and his Beautiful Family. Listen and follow, you “rookies”.



  2. Jerry,

    Looking for a reputable recruiter who can help with finding us sales reps seasoned in the non-traditional/experiential marketing industry. Any thoughts?


  3. Good afternoon sir,

    I just want to thank you for your blog and the information you share with those out here making a difference in the recruiting arena. Continued success in what you do.

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