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3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Jerry,
    I am Candice, Bryan Luttman’s fiance and I would really like to meet with you one day. We may not make it back on time for you Turkey bash on Friday but maybe we can all get together at another time. Bryan has told me a lot about you and has said many great things.

    Currently, I am student mentor for Western Governor’s University and I work with IT students all the time that are seeking to improve their position in the IT field. Most of my students already work in the IT field and are putting their knowledge to a degree. I have a handful of students in Michigan. I have some really quality students if you need people with solid IT backgrounds!

    I noticed your Verbal Summary tool, very innovative idea for a competitive market. I also encourage my students to be unique in their approach to getting an interview and being competitive in this tough market.

    I hope we can talk shop someday!
    Candice (Allen)

  2. Jerry,

    I recently decided to begin a supply chain/logistics recruiting firm. I have ten years experience as a Logistics Operations manager and know what it takes to be successful in the industry. My question is, is this enough? I am driven, intelligent and unwilling to fail in any venture I undertake.

    What is the best way to get started? I have begun building a website and utilizing my resources (friends and family) to build a successful start up.

    From the information you have shared and the comments on your site it seems like you are a genuinely good person who would be willing to help. Any information or advice would be unbelievably appreciated!

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