The Journey

The Road to Success
The Road to Success

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One of the first motivational images I have from early in my career is this poster.  I’m quite surprised to have found it!  I’ll be having a copy made to once again adorn my office wall.

Take a look.  Perhaps it will offer you the same thoughtful reflection I have needed at times.  You’ll see that anyone can get started.  There is no gate or entry fee.  Simply step forward and cross the line of opportunity and you’re on your way!  Now for some it might be a little easier – perhaps they were dropped off at the front door by their rich uncle or had a friend pull them by the arm.  Either way – at least in the USA – the door of opportunity is really not even a door.  It’s a wide open path inviting us all!

You can see the people – eager for their share of success – begin running once they have started their journey.  Right off the bat though there are distractions.  Bohemianism looks like an easy destination.  Just off to the right there – right inside the gate.  It looks like a great time for sure!

On the left there is the Right System.  It looks like quite a few can start right there – stay on the train and make it to the top of the hill.  Kinda makes me wonder why more people don’t just do that right off the bat.  Get your hands on a reputable system and stick with it.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  But as you see – the temptations only get stronger the further up the hill you go.

Hotel Know it All?  I’ll admit to have spent a few nights there.  Look at the other hangouts.  The Always Right Club.  Can you imaging the conversation going on in there?  Wow!  I don’t need to practice? Nobody can tell me!  Sound familiar?

Check out the Hand of Vices reaching out, grabbing people and dragging them into the River of Failure.   How about the Hot Air Balloon ride?  Or how Lack of Preparation is a giant hill – but you could bypass it simply by doing the work?

I hope this poster can inspire you the way it inspired me years ago.  It’s not easy getting to the top – and much harder staying there.  So watch out for the pitfalls.  They’re everywhere!


Snake Oil Salesmen

Where? When? Why?

I am sorry folks but this has to be said. Just who in the world do you think you are?

I believe that many (most? – but not all….) of the Ex- Recruiter-Turned-Job-Coach crowd are simply making stuff up. There. I said it! Let me get to the root of my disgust on this.

Where? did you ever get the idea that a 1 hour consultation with someone looking for a new position would turn them into a dazzling marketeer? I am seeing more and more of you “experts” playing “make believe” with people who are desperate. It’s shameful.

When? did you decide it would be easier to prey upon the helpless job seeker than tough it out in the recruiting trenches?

Why? in the WORLD do you encourage candidates to stalk managers – excuse me – “research” managers to then stumble through a half-assed phone call in an attempt to present their “value proposition” to that person. If recruiters have a rough time getting them on the phone – just how in the hell do you think Joe, the recently downsized CPA, is going to score? Even if he does – he will IMMEDIATELY be referred to HR as well as being put in the “does not follow the rules” category.

My suggestion? How about focusing on the candidates you can help – get to know them and make sure they come up in your ATS when something comes along – and letting the others know you can’t help them? Would that be such a crime? What is worse – letting a candidate know you can’t help? Or charging them for advice that in most cases is impossible to use?