Wednesday is the high point for many of us in the Recruitosphere. Not only are we half way through the work week – at NOON EST we all get a chance to discuss the topic of the day. Twitter, Resumes, Social Networking, Getting ripped off by shady split partners, personal and employment branding – the list goes on……

But not TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For some reason our dear friend ANIMAL is not having a show today.

Why? There is no good reason. Period.


8 thoughts on “No Animal Show Today? Outrageous!!!!

  1. My day and week is now incomplete without the Animal show – say it ‘aint so Animal say it ‘aint so….

  2. Thanksgiving Wednesday would have been a great day, where many have the time. Is Animal losing his mojo? When is the show on cover letters, the value or the waste?

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