I would like invite TweetMyJobs and JobShouts to a duel.

I am one of the many job tweeting skeptics. I’d rather not be. Believe me – if there is a way to utilize Twitter that provides results for my clients – I’m all for it.

I’ll admit – my tactics may not be the best. In fact – my approach to Twitter would not be considered any kind of particular strategy at all: Search for profiles with key words, follow them and hope they follow me back, tweet the occasional job description, ask other recruiters to help with splits, etc. So far the results have been non-existent. In fact the times I’ve asked ANYONE looking for a job in any field to send me a resume have resulted in just ONE reply.

That’s not only a poor result – it’s a clear indication to me that the way I’m going about this is all wrong. I want to change all that.

Here is my proposal. I have positions in HR, Engineering, IT, Manufacturing Management and Accounting. So to say “the people you want are not here” would really say that a high percentage of recruiting disciplines are not (can not) be served by efficiently by using Twitter – directly or indirectly.

I am inviting TweetMyJobs and JobShouts to allow me to use their services for the positions I am recruiting on. I will use their services as suggested and include the very same openings with each provider.

I will follow up the project with a complete and thorough evaluation of both tools. The results from both services will be posted on my blog as well as the well-known recruiting blogs.

Simple enough, right?


Note: This is open to any other job tweeting service as well. If you’re up for the challenge – just let me know! You can reach me at 260-349-2723 or 260-347-1715

Edited to now extend the invitation to Tweetajob as well. Please join in the fun! I promise to do my best to fully utilize the tools as prescribed by you. It may end up being a very big project. I’m also going to suggest to Animal that we then have a show to discuss the results – the good, the bad and the ugly!


12 thoughts on “A Challenge to TweetMyJobs and JobShouts

  1. Of course we’re up to the challenge.

    You do know though that we don’t just “tweet” jobs, right? Our formula is much more robust. I’d advise you against posting “the same exact job” on both sites because the aggregates that pick up the job posting (Indeed, SimplyHired, etc) will filter out the duplicate. Which means one company or the other’s formula is fiddled with and could produce less than desirable results. My advice is to change each posting slightly – including different wording and slightly altered job title so that it’s not picked up and filtered out as a duplicate.

    Bring it! 🙂

  2. Jerry,

    Love it! We also like Michael and Robin at Jobshouts. Good people. Which makes me ask the question: Is this a challenge between Jobshouts and TMJ, or is it validation of Twitter as a recruiting/sourcing tool. Your challenge mentions both angles. How are you going to measure success? If you just look at clicks/apps/hires, you are probably doing a disservice to the value & benefit of Social Media recruiting, because brand-building, talent-pool development, and networking is just as important as the transactional metrics of recruiting.

    I agree with Jobshouts about changing the titles to avoid duplication, to a point. This will avoid the de-dup issue, but may skew the traffic because the keyword SEO will be different as well, so it may be comparing apples to oranges.

    Also, if you ARE focusing on the tools and not “Twitter for recruiting”, are you going to evaluate the different features of the two tools? I know that JS has different offerings than TMJ, because their focus is different. What you may discover is that we’re two different tools that are available in the social media toolbox, both which can coexist in a social media recruiting solution for an organization. Then again, you may not… 😉

    As for success stories, we actually just pinged our customer base for recruiting success stories using TMJ (for a major magazine article) and got back a bunch of stories from small and large companies that have hired people using TMJ/Twitter, so we do know this works.

    Let us know the next steps. Maybe we meet in a mutually agreeable location (Hawaii sounds good) to go over the Terms & Conditions? First round is on me…

  3. Excellent Gary and Robin! As I was thinking more about this I’ve also thought it would be great to then have a Recruiting Animal Show featuring the results.

    You’ve both brought some great points to the surface. I’ll admit – I am most likely in the same league as many of the others. Beyond not knowing “if” the tools work – there is also the more basic question of “how” and “when” the tools work.

    I’ve just specifically invited @Tweetajob to join the event as well. Are you the “Big 3”? in the space? Am I missing anyone?

  4. Jerry!
    Happy to participate. I would add one more aspect to your challenge — the candidate experience. Try using each service as a jobseeker would. I think Twitter job distribution services must first serve the 106-million Twitter users in order to be effective for recruiters.

    I agree with Gary and Robin — each of our services are different. The Tweetajob advantage works for larger organizations that wish to provide a Twitter/mobile solution for jobseekers who visit their existing career sites. But a thorough discussion of how to use these tools, and the results that can be achieved is definitely in order!

    I’ll send you a 100% discount code for one week – let me know when you’d like to start.

    All the best,

  5. Fun times ahead @animal. I enjoyed playing in ERE’s charity poker game with Gary Z. It’s highly unlikely we are going to end up enemies. Animal, I bet that takes all the fun out for you huh?

    Personally I would like to see some guidelines established…ie number of jobs distributed from each participant, a set period of time for the challenge to run, etc. Also I would make sure that we are not allowed to sponsor traffic to the jobs. It’s pretty easy to setup a PPC program on indeed or simply hired.

    In all honesty, if the titles are changed you’re taking away from the whole who is effective or not challenge. A typical recruiter is going to copy/paste the same ad across many resources for the most part.

    From the aggregate networks perspective, the most effective resource could be indexed or just the first to be indexed, while others are not. There is a challenge in this alone.

    Any metrics collection?

    The big 3 🙂 You heard it here first.

  6. OK guys and gals. Looks like this can be both enlightening and fun! I do agree – we need some sort of guideline or measurement.

    Would you all be up for a conference call? Sounds like you know each other so there shouldn’t be any reason to think a meeting to set up a few parameters on the challenge would be anything other than great fun as well.

    If that sounds like a good idea – I’ll set up a GoToMeeting for early next week. It should take me a few days to get all the notes together from my end (remember – I’m going to actually USE these tools with conviction!) and be ready to roll once everything is agreed upon.

    Send me a note so I’ll have your email addressed: jerry@verbalsummary.com

  7. this, i like. i’d like to add to the challenge, maybe a phase 2? What services can be tracked by 3rd party tags? important factor these days as many companies hard tagging all the way through.

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