Few things refresh the spirit like a handful of sendouts. It’s pretty easy to relax a bit when you’ve got some activity on your desk. As I sit here with 4 sendouts on the books – some have occurred – a few are later this week – I am quite confident there is a placement or two in there. Somewhere.

Which interviews will turn into placements? I can’t be sure. It’s also quite possible each one will end in the “thanks but no thanks” column. I won’t know until the dust settles. That’s the business we’re in. It’s beautiful – isn’t it?

One thing I most certainly CAN be sure of is this: I’m going to be left sitting here either patting myself on the back for a placement or two – or wondering how I can have so many “solid” sendouts happen without making a placement. Either way – I’ll have a pretty steep hill to climb – UNLESS I keep my activity rolling all the way through. Phone calls. Interviews. Emails to say hello. 15 minute “coffee stops” with anyone/everyone who will let me in the door!


The time to make your next placement is NOW. I’m not talking about the one you’ve been working on. I’m talking about the placement you DON’T know. Right now I’d bet good money you have no idea of the name of who you may place in November. Or who your brand new Christmas Client might be……but you better be thinking about it.


Not once you’ve wrapped up your current success story. It’s already in the cards. Your October placement is either on your desk at this point or it’s not. It’s time to think about how you’re going to finish the year. Strong? I sure hope so!

Pick up the phone and call some people you don’t know.


2 thoughts on “Recruiters – How are you going to finish the year?

  1. Great post Jerry!

    We just had our monthly meeting and an overwhelming reality hit me – we’re in the last quarter. Historically our business winds down in December, so I have two months to really hammer it and get the best result (12 more contract deals) for the end of 2009.

    Im printing this one up too, and putting it next to your “Quit your complaining” post.



  2. Resting on laurels is not a good thing unless you are the king or independently wealthy. You are only as good as your last search, right?

    Calling people you don’t know – that’s old school networking and it’s how the job gets done….

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